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What is the difference between a sightseeing taxi and custom vehicle charter?

A. Both are time-based charters. You can request an English, Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking driver for your sightseeing taxi (subject to availability). Although the custom vehicle charter service is available with Japanese-speaking drivers only, it offers more luxury vehicle options than the sightseeing taxi.

Sightseeing taxis

This is a time-based charter service. One great feature about our sightseeing taxi service is that once the reservation has been made, the itinerary is flexible and changes can be made even on the date of service. Sightseeing taxis have the added advantage of English, Mandarin or Cantonese-speaking drivers, subject to availability. There are a limited number of English and Chinese-speaking drivers available; thus, you are strongly encouraged to make a reservation as far in advance as possible, especially if your request is for a Cantonese-speaking driver.

Vehicle type and capacity: Standard taxi, 4 passengers


Custom vehicle charters

This also is a time-based charter service. Custom vehicle charters are available with Japanese-speaking drivers only. Vehicles are equipped with Wi-Fi, and language assistance may be provided by Island Life Concierge via mobile phone, email, the Line application or instant messaging.


Vehicle type and seating capacity:

Standard sedan, 3-4 passengers

Upgrade sedan, 3-4 passengers

Luxury Alphard, 5 passengers

Lincoln Town Car, 3-4 passengers

Jumbo van, 9 passengers

Bus charters

Flat-rate charters of 10-seater or larger buses are not available, so a full detailed itinerary (length of charter service, places to visit, preferred route, etc.) must be provided before a quote can be given. Any changes to the itinerary on the day of service will incur additional charges.


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What is the difference between a sightseeing taxi and custom vehicle charter?